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Dublin streets are steeped in literary folklore and the site of our bar is no exception.

Mulligan & Haines creates a unique connection between the past and the present as it draws inspiration from Chapter 10 of Joyces’ Ulysses - a passage in which antagonist Buck Mulligan and his companion Haines entered this once Dublin Bread Company and enjoyed some tasty fare whilst engaging in a humorous exchange.

Now completely refurbished, uniting the contemporary with the traditional, Mulligan & Haines aims to offer patrons the very best sandwiches and baked goods in the city in a bid to pay homage to our origins - all washed down with delicious craft beers and cocktails.

This is a place where stories are shared and enjoyed, music is played, hearts are won and lost and friendships thrive.

This is Mulligan & Haines.

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Our menus harness the very nature of Joycean Dublin – enlightened, daring and pure of heart.

Our food is a love letter to the origins of the building – Dublin’s Bread Company – so if it’s delicious and sandwiched between two pieces of bread then you can find it at Mulligan & Haines.

Our cocktails take their lead from Ulysses ideals and characters – each one bolder than the next.

While under our roof and enjoying our fine fare, we insist on one thing only - gregarious discourse among firm friends


“...the happy hunting ground of all minds that have lost their balance...”


– Buck Mulligan to Haines
(Ch. 10 Ulysses, James Joyce)


A Newly Set up area for Great Food and cocktails

The Lounge @ M&H

Great food, superior service and of course great cocktails.

M&H Lounge aims to offer a fine dining experience for you in the heart of Dublin.


A perfect VENUE for late night entertainment and hiring


Great sound system and perfect for private function parties

No renting fee required. Call us today to book a great venue in the Heart of Dublin